We love the ERGObaby carrier. Since he was two weeks old, our little one has loved being carried in the ERGO on the front with the infant insert. Now he's big enough to ride in the carrier without the insert and on our fronts or back, like in the picture below. Every day he spends some time being carried and it allows us to do so much more with our day and hands, as well as carry him more comfortably for longer periods, and keep him calm, content, and happy. Being carried allows him to nap when he needs to, nurse when he needs to, and stimulates his need for touch, connection, movement, and need to explore the world in a safe capacity. It's so great to have a babycarrier that is comfortable for both of us, and the baby. 
The organic ERGObaby carrier has been our number one favorite baby carrier because it's easy to take on and off, is sturdy, stylish for mama or papa, organic cause the baby likes to teeth on it, and the double hip and shoulder support makes it comfortable for long carries, and will last from infancy to toddlerhood. It also has a cover to button over the babies head for sun, rain, or wind protection (or crumb protection when you eat lunch while carrying your sleeping baby). There's also room in the front pocket for a couple extra diapers, keys, and more. 

I love the ERGObaby, and highly recommend it as a mama, postpartum doula, and bodyworker! I've tried all kinds of baby carriers for over 12 years, as a mama and babycare researcher, and love the occasional wrap carrier and adjustable sling, or backpack for older babies, but the ERGO is to go-to carrier for all purposes from naps, to shopping, to hiking. If a new parent was to just get one carrier, it's worth it to invest in the ERGObaby. 
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