It is essential for the continuation of life on Earth that we experience an evolutionary shift to be a conscious, peaceful, healthy, and humanized society of people. In order to leap beyond the life we are living now, we must each make the choice to embody the life we want to live, and nurture the force of life from the earliest moments of being from the youngest children, all shapes of families, and conscious communities. 

We are co-creating a new conscious culture through nurturing families and communities through for the generations to come through integrating conscious birth and parenting, natural healing, whole foods living, conscious communities, independent media, and new sustainable technologies. In recognition that how we birth, parent, feed, and teach the children today directly contributes to the future of all living beings on the Earth and the health of the planet itself for generations and generations eternally we come together to envision and co-create what evolutionary family communities look, feel, and act like. 

Let's do it! You are invited to co-create the new conscious culture that is centered around sustainable evolutionary and creative family living!


01/29/2012 12:41am

Yes, peace on earth begins with birth and continues with peace in the family and community. Families today need peaceful loving support in all stages.

02/02/2012 6:03am

So beautifully written, completely resonates in my heart and soul on such a deep, spiritual level... What a world it would be if everyone embraced this.... so, do your part and start now! :)


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