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About MamaTribe

MamaTribe is an essential resource for savvy Chicago moms and moms-to-be. Don’t just take our word for it—we’ve been featured in Red Tricycle’s “21 Signs You’re a Chicago Mom”, Time Out Chicago Kids “25 reasons why Chicago is the best city to raise kids” and Chicago Parent Magazine “Local moms turn to Facebook group for advice, digital friendships”. MamaTribe Chicago is a secret Facebook group that is a secret weapon for real, authentic advice (day or night), insight (think local faves, finds, events and activities, etc.), camaraderie (sometimes commiseration) and opportunity (who doesn’t love a great Giveaway!).

With over 27,000 member moms, MamaTribe Chicago is where you will find insights and information you can’t find anywhere else. Ask yourself, does Google know where you can find a private place to pump while attending a conference downtown? What stroller is best for Chicago winters, city sidewalks and folds up for easy storage in your Wicker Park foyer? What gymnastics gyms are really competitive and which are more relaxed and fun? What that odd rash on your kid’s forearm is? Google may not, but MamaTribe does! It’s the best place to have a laugh (about all the things that only moms would find funny), find out something truly helpful, and feel the power of over 27,000 moms who always have your back! Join the Tribe, here’s the secret password…

Our Founders

Alina Slotnik and Rainbow Partridge

Alina Slotnik and Rainbow Partridge

Alina and Rainbow started MamaTribe Chicago to connect—sharing laughs, frustrations, insights, resources and offering support to each other and a few close mommy friends.  Six years later, MamaTribe Chicago has grown to over 27,000 members becoming the largest and most active mommy Facebook community in Chicago.

With a unique mission of providing unbiased and authentic, locally relevant information, support and connection to Chicago moms and those expecting, MamaTribe has galvanized a legion of wise women to be an on-demand resource on almost every conceivable parenting topic.  It’s the essential hub of expecting women and moms - where they go to have a giggle, lend a helping hand, share an experience only other moms would understand and get answers to questions they can’t find anywhere else.